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We design and develop a wide range of solutions


Our core services are:
E-commerce and Corporate Websites, Web Apps, Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps, API's/Web Services, Real time solutions.
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The only way to ensure that the solution we deliver goes beyond the initial requirements and the end result is a success, is by following a process. Find out more about our process below!


The first step is to fully immerse into the client´s business, goals, objectives and expectations. We will also look at the competitive landscape in order to establish context and benchmarks. At this stage, we will have developed the foundations that will shape the recommendations and specifications for the next stages.


Using the data from the first step, we will collaborate in the creation of use-case scenarios and workflows, sketches and proposals, reviews, until we have the best possible overview for the final designs, branding processes and live prototypes. These will represent the end result that will drive us to what the product will become.

Application Development

At this stage, we will be getting the insights from the previous steps in order to plan and set-up the most appropriated frameworks and technologies for development, as well as the allocation of the project team. We work with agile methodologies to maintain a clear communication between all the departments, while keeping the client in the loop at all times. This approach makes possible to control iterations, blockers, and react on time to avoid significant drawbacks and mistakes.

Production / Maintenance

We don’t want to say goodbye. Depending on the project requirements, we can stay connected in different types of support plan, to measure, iterate and make the project grow. After the project is in production, we set-up a variety of tools and processes to identify issues and necessary corrections or actions for scale or stabilize. Recurring to the documentation created, along the process and the good process taken from the start, things will become easier on every part involved.


According to the type of project we can work in open or closed projects in well defined development cycles, with the guarantee of a dedicated team with the right skills.

Closed Projects
  • Fixed Budget

  • Fixed Milestones

  • Dedicated team

  • Pay by milestone

Open Projects
  • Variable Budget

  • Development cycles

  • Variable Milestones

  • Dedicated team

  • Pay by cycle

Simple Projects

We don't need to complicate what can be simple. With well identified requirements we can create corporate and business websites, E-stores, contribute on CMS implementation, frontEnd development, and more. We will be glad to help and make the difference.